Developer Services

Madison Hawk is a leading provider of strategic accelerated marketing programs to the residential builder and development community throughout the United States.   Builders and developers seeking a competitive market advantage utilize our pioneering and cutting edge programs as a powerful, alternative marketing strategy to maximize net return.

Madison Hawk professionals are experts at designing and implementing custom sale solutions to execute our clients’ overall strategic business plans, delivering an accelerated market result.

The Madison Hawk team has represented more builders and developers and sold more residential inventory utilizing structured accelerated marketing strategies than anyone in the industry including condominium developments, townhouses, luxury homes, single family, finished and unfinished lots, development land and subdivisions in bulk.  Our team has executed over $4 billion worth of residential accelerated sales.

The Madison Hawk Advantage

Our custom solution based structured program provides developers and builders a competitive advantage in the marketing of their property.  It is a powerful marketing tool utilized by sophisticated builders and developers in all phases of the marketing and sale cycle to execute upon their strategic business plan including:

Pre-Grand Opening Sale-Developers utilize an accelerated marketing program to sell a large block of inventory at one time, meeting the pre-sale requirements of the construction lender, unleashing the additional funding required for the project.  Madison Hawk team executives designed and executed the first pre-sale auction marketing program ever conducted.

Grand Opening-Developers conduct grand opening accelerated sales in order to establish momentum and credibility in a project, selling a large block of inventory at one time.

Accelerated Sales to Secure End Loan Financing for Project –Developers utilize our accelerated program strategically to put under contract a large amount of inventory at one time in order to quickly achieve the FHA and other lenders’ minimum project sales requirements making the project financeable, allowing for closed sales with the most attractive end loan financing product available.

Developer Close-Out to Realize Equity- A structured auction marketing is a powerful tool used by developers to realize their equity and achieve the highest net value thru accelerating the sales process, eliminating expensive carry, marketing and opportunity costs allowing them to focus on their next project.

Accelerated Sales Maximize Net Return – An auction-marketing program will result in a non-contingent sale within 6 to 8 weeks.  An accelerated sales process allows a builder developer to eliminate the carry costs of finished inventory and the opportunity cost of the funds.   In large residential project, our marketing program can be utilized to often sell 12 to 18 months of inventory in a single auction event.

Market Focus-Freezes the Sale of Competitive Product-The date certain time of sale combined with a massive marketing campaign, create buyer urgency and action, focusing the market’s attention on the builder/developer’s inventory. The auction will freeze the sale of competitive product and will attract the attention of all the buyers in the marketplace.

Increased Buyer Traffic-An auction marketing program will produce a level of interest not possible in a conventional sales process.

Determines Market Value-The competitive bidding of an auction demonstrates market value for both the builder-developer and the buyer.

Selected Condominium Transactions

Property Description Sales Result
Chicago, IL Condominium Development Land $43,800,000
NC, DE, MD Developer Portfolio Residential Subdivisions $10,500,000
Far Rockaway, NY 18 Condominiums $11,000,000
Chicago, IL 2 Development Parcels $18,500,000
New York, NY Condominium Portfolio $14,000,000
Middleton, MA High Rise Condominiums $15,000,000
Jersey City, NJ 32 Condominiums $11,000,000
East Rutherford, NJ 26 Condominiums $8,000,000
Loma Linda, CA 32 Condominiums $8,000,000
Summit, NJ 40 Condominiums $15,000,000
Park City, UT Condominium Portfolio $20,000,000

One or more of the Madison Hawk team members was involved in the marketing and sale of each of these properties/portfolios. Note: the entity which marketed the properties was under a different name.